Monday, May 2, 2011

Rape in many ways but focusing on Degrassi

As a group we decided to focus on how sex is preserved in the teenage series Degrassi. Because sex is such a broad topic we brought it down to focusing more on rape. A little background information on degrassi: it is a Canada based show that began in 1987. All of its characters play teenagers and are actually teenagers. The show basically takes its watchers through the everyday life of high school teen. It has various character each different from each other. The show takes the viewers each step of the way even into the teens adulthood stage.
     Before I begin to explain these various forms let me begin by explaining to you that rape and sex are two completely different actions. Sex is when a person consents to intercourse while rape is not consenting. The first scene that I will take you through is a seen with a character by the name of Darcy. Darcy is seen as a well rounded, wholesome girl. She is heavily in to religion and seen it as the core of her existence. She is a virgin. Before this scene takes place we find Darcy and her boyfriend at the time taking a break from each other. In her rage Darcy decides to attend a house party where she begins to drink. Someone slips a date rape drug into her drink. The next morning late she can not remember what has happened to her but yet she finds herself in a bed naked. Here is the clip.

 Just to let you know that the man that Darcy is kissing on for the fist seconds of the video is not her boyfriend it is her rapist! After going through her rape many of the girls in her school are jealous of her for having sex while to the boys she is seen as a sex object. But to her self Darcy sees her self as a Monster she blames her self for what has happened to her. She puts up walls pushing away people that want to help her for a while she keeps her rape to her self until she is forced to come out with a reason as to why she has been acting out of character, so she decides to blame her rape on a teacher. Darcy's rape is one that many girls go though on a daily basis.
   The next clip is another one from Degrassi but this rape is different and is not commonly understood as rape, but it is. This clip is of a girl names Holly J she is class president and is see as a goodie good so to speak. She is in a relationship with her boyfriend. After the school dance Holly goes over to her boyfriend's
home to talk and things begin to get a little out of hand. Pay close attention to Holly's facial expressions and words.
As you can see Holy does say NO to Declan, but he continues to push himself on to her. This form of rape is not commonly the type that is reported it is more so just pushed under the rug and thought of something that did not happen. For the record once the person says no it means no and any type of sexual activity that occurs after that is seen as rape NO MATTER WHAT.  You can see in Holly's face that she is not into having sex with him.
This show degrassi shows teens various forms of rape so that if they were to be caught in the same situations they would be able to having something to relate their experience to and receive the proper help after their experience. 


  1. Hey, I thought your presentation was great and you made good points and I wish I had a chance to see your blog post beforehand!

  2. I have never seen the TV show. However, I think it is unfortunate that the shows has scenes like the second clip. Instead of showing kids what different forms of rape are I think most teenage girls may see it as pleasing the man and that sex is not always good and pleasurable. That is unfortunate.

  3. Strong connection to Tolman and great use of the two varied examples of how rape is constructed on Degrassi. You seem to be on the edge of a really important analysis of media representation of sexual assault. (I think I need to start watching Degrassi, now!!)

    (LB and Kayla)