Thursday, April 21, 2011

WMST 354/550 2011 Projects

Welcome to our collective final projects blog!

This space will allow for us to collect all of the final project information and resources in one place so that we can access this for future use. Each group is required to create ONE POST (though a few of you have decided to create individual but connected posts from your group.) Your blog post should be filled with images, links, resources, information, analysis and commentary. You goal is to teach us about something new in a creative and innovative way.

Remember that this is your final assessment for this course. It is your chance to show off what you have learned this semester so push yourself, take risks, make connections, demonstrate your new knowledge. Use this project to show that you have a new kit of media analysis tools that you can use to analysis and interpret the world!


  1. I a a litle confused. Do I just put my last post up on my blog and it will automatically (Since I signed up) be in this final projects blog or do I put my final project in a new post for this blog? Sorry.

  2. Never mind. I noticed the two blogs on my dashboard and I will post it to the final projects blog..Dah!

  3. Not "Dah" Diana, it's "Duh" get with it:)

  4. Thanks Ron... That's very funny!